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8 March 2022.

The Namakwa Sports Council (NSC), which represents the sports federations in the Namakwa District Municipality, received a much needed vehicle to provide transportation across this sporting district. Funded by Kangnas Wind Farm, the donation is in support of the local sports in the Nababeep community.

“We see the value of sport in the Namakwa community because it contributes to the social development and upliftment of our community members, in addition to offering an array of career opportunities for youth and the broader community,” said Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager.

Sport is one of the most constructive outlets for children growing up, and this funding will go a long way towards supporting the communities within Namakwa. The district previously faced many challenges due to the lack of reliable transportation and the high cost of travelling to sporting venues. As a result, this vehicle will help transport players, umpires, referees, officials, coaches and sport equipment to specific venues.

“We participate in sporting programmes across the district, which is vast and very spread out. So, having a vehicle of our own, really helps, as we don’t need to incur the cost of hiring transportation,” said Bernie Philander, Treasurer of Namakwa Sports Council.

The NSC is committed to promoting active communities throughout all age groups by setting up sporting programmes that involve children from primary school level up to the elderly. This includes recreation activities, club participation, leagues, tournaments or just fun games.

“Sport also keeps our children constructively occupied and builds good values and principles that benefit both individuals and our broader community,” concluded Daniels.