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May 2022.

A total of eight local students from Springbok, a small community in the Northern Cape, have been awarded bursaries for the 2022 academic year. To foster young leaders and encourage positive social change, Kangnas Wind Farm funded this bursary programme, which sponsors a total of 12 students in the area.

“With Springbok being a rural town, access to tertiary education is very limited. Without assistance from financial support, students may not afford to attend a higher education institution. It is our goal to empower and support the youth of the community to be successful and make a difference,” explained Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

This bursary programme exclusively targets learners from communities in this specific municipal area, with the new beneficiaries having already commenced their studies. One such student, Linzay Cloete, is currently in her third year pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work, at Hugenote College, in Wellington.

She explains how the bursary has eased all of her financial stress, “My mental health suffered greatly because of constant worries over finances and the uncertainty of whether or not I would be able to continue my studies 2021. My hope was restored when I received an email saying that Kangnas Wind Farm recognised my potential and selected me as one of their bursary recipients.”

She plans to complete her degree in 2024 and enrol for a Masters Degree in Social Work, with a focus on Criminology or Child Justice.

“Considering how many children are involved in criminal activities, my main purpose is to become a social worker who will do her very best to prevent recidivism by empowering my clients to become the best versions of themselves,” she added.

As a small community, Springbok has very few Job opportunities and high unemployment rates. Moreover, there is not enough financial support to assist the youth in pursuing higher education. This bursary programme gives students the opportunity to further their studies and plough back into their communities.

The bursary fund covers tuition, accommodation, stationary, stipends, textbooks, laptop, , and wrap-around support. It is available to qualifying students within the Namakwa District Municipality.

Other bursary beneficiaries include Blanche Parring, who is studying a BA Humanities at University of Stellenbosch; JoRenthia Carlson, currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Two Oceans Graduate Institution; Juandre Mentor, doing a Bachelor’s in Social work at Hugenote Kollege; Lache Cloete, who is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Varsity College; Vane Carolus, who is studying Early Childhood Development at Hugenote Kollege; Judith Maart, studying a B. Ed in foundation phase at North West University; Ferlynn Cloete, who is pursuing a BA Humanities at University of Stellenbosch; as well as Ancherita van den Heever, studying towards a Nursing Diploma at Western Cape College of Nursing. This also includes Christyl Candice Cloete, Samantha Cloete and Justine van Wyk, who are all currently studying towards a Bachelor Social Work at Hugenote Kollege.