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July 2019

Working together with local Ward Councillors and community members, Kangnas Wind Farm’s team celebrated Mandela Day by hosting soup kitchens across six communities. These soup kitchens were an example of how collaboration in the spirit of Madeba, can benefit many.

Community members from Nababeep, Springbok, Concordia, Matjieskloof, Bergsig, Okiep and Carolusberg were drawn out of their homes to enjoy a hot meal and share in the joy of Mandela Day.

“We feel that we did more than help to serve soup, it was an opportunity to reach out to individuals and listen to their stories, which was a true honour,” explained Cheryl Persensie, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

It was encouraging to see community members get involved in soup kitchens in their areas. These special people agreed to prepare the soup for the day, with some community members not only assisting in preparing the soup but also distributing the soup to the communities.

“It is evident that we have individuals and organisations in these communities who are willing to lend a helping hand without any effort. With this approach towards community development, we feel blessed to work together and make an impact,” concluded Persensie.