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March 2023.

A substance abuse event, aimed at discouraging the abuse of alcohol and drugs among young people in the Springbok area, recently took place (24 March 2023) at the Springbok Sports Ground. The campaign focused on raising awareness through a community-focussed education intervention, to draw attention to the negative impacts of substance abuse on people. This is in response to the high level of substance abuse by teenagers, youth, and community members reported in the community.

This campaign was funded by Kangnas Wind Farm in partnership with District representatives and other leading stakeholders. In addition to educating community members on the detrimental side-effects of substances, the event helped introduce various avenues and support programmes to help those in need, within the surrounding communities by providing information and resources.

“Our aim is to discourage substance abuse by promoting the dangers of drugs and substance abuse, as well as motivating for rehabilitation. Besides the event that took place, we hope to create awareness through our local radio programme. We also plan on writing up the testimonies and stories of heroes in the community who have been rehabilitated and publish them to create further awareness,” stated Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

As well as targeting youth, the campaign also focused on the broader community, as drug and substance abuse can lead to an increase in crime rates, family suffering, unemployment, and a decline in academic performance.

Monique Lesch, Founder and Director of Khaus Development, and one of the stakeholders in the campaign, expressed her gratitude to Kangnas Wind Farm for funding this initiative, saying “Being a part of this campaign was truly an honourable experience. This event not only provided valuable insights and knowledge to the community, but also enabled companies to learn about their roles and the procedures that should be followed when referring addicts to state resources. As a result, this campaign proved to be beneficial for everyone involved.”

This awareness campaign was organised in partnership with various local stakeholders including: Namaqua District Municipality, Nama-khoi Municipality Namaqua Child and Youth Care Centre, Department of Social Development, Department Sports Arts and Culture, Vedanta Mineral Resources, JLK Business Consulting, Seda, Richie Cloete Consultancy, Khaus Development, North Western Trading, and BVI Engineering.