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July 2019

Northern Cape farmers, who have been adversely affected by the ongoing regional drought, have received funding from by the neighbouring Springbok wind farm, Kangnas Wind Farm.

The wind farm has provided drought relief assistance to sheep and cattle farmers, who are failing to feed their herds, following the massive decrease in rainfall that has plagued the region.

The Boesmanland Farmers Union comprises of 34 members, including emerging farmers, all of whom have been struggling for nearly five consecutive years, following the normal rainfall having dramatically decreased from around 100mm to only 30mm per year.

“With the massive decrease in the rainfall, farmers are suffering as they need to buy feed for their livestock and this is crippling them financially,” explained Cheryl Persensie, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

The extended drought has meant that farmers have had to sell off their livestock to survive, having reached a breaking point. This is also starting to affect the broader community, who depend on the farmers for certain food products.