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October 2023.

Access to local development funding, made available through a community stimulation programme has helped seven small businesses in Springbok, and the surrounding areas, in this round of funding to become more sustainable, expand their operations and even offer more employment opportunities to others.

Vent General Youth Development, a beloved local barbershop, has recently become one of the beneficiaries of this initiative. The entity is led by Mr. Virgil Cloete, a dedicated hairstylist with 14 years of experience in the craft in the community.

He began his journey by offering his services to households in the community of Concordia. With hard work and dedication to his craft, he became popular, attracting clients from not only Springbok but from other surrounding towns.

In addition to his impressive hairstyling journey, Mr. Cloete has taken the initiative to share his skills and knowledge by actively mentoring and training young individuals in the art of haircutting. This endeavour demonstrates his unwavering dedication to empowering the youth and creating employment opportunities in the region.

Recognising the essential need for additional equipment and resources to elevate their services, the NPC took proactive steps. They applied for funding through the ABCD programme, successfully acquiring crucial assets like hair clippers, razors, and chairs to enhance their operations.

“This funding has been utilised to purchase barbershop equipment to uplift my business and to satisfy my clients in a professional manner – hence, together with my community. I am very grateful for the support,” expressed Mr Cloete.

In closing, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm, funders and supporters of this development initiative, Rouchet Daniels, concluded: “We are delighted to have been able to provide this support, as this company goes above and beyond to serve its community. The funding will undoubtedly contribute to their continued success and growth, as it will allow them to serve even more clients, provide opportunities for skills development, and continue to be a pillar of support in the local community.”