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September 2023.

Recognising the vital role of female health workers and their need for support in achieving a better work-life balance, and self-care skills, a Woman’s Wellness Event was recently held. Dedicated to honouring and supporting health workers within communities in Namaqualand, the programme helped to increase morale and enhance the health and well-being of these workers.

Spanning over two days and attended by 300 women, the programme was funded by Kangnas Wind Farm alongside the Department of Health.

“This event was a testament to our commitment to promoting the health and well-being of the remarkable women who tirelessly serve in the healthcare sector. The event offered a holistic approach to well-being, addressing various aspects of wellness, including emotional and mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual balance,” said Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

A range of valuable services and sessions were provided to over 300 attendees throughout the two-day event, ensuring that every participant could benefit from the diverse offerings. Some of the sessions/services included: pap smears & breast cancer screenings; blood pressure, diabetes, and HIV screenings; psychosocial support; ‘She is Medicine’, an enlightening session that explored the spiritual aspects of wellness; hand massages; and aerobics & fitness.

In addition to this, the event featured captivating entertainment, including poetry, storytelling, and comedy.

Commenting on the event, Mr Daniel Grootboom, Head of the Department of Health, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are thankful to Kangnas Wind Farm for making this event possible. To all our female health workers, you are beautiful, and we admire you for the work that you do.”

One of the event’s beneficiaries, Carmen Heynse, stated, “I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this event. I really enjoyed it and it was also good to interact with other health workers.”

The event coincided with Women’s Month and took place at the Namaqua Guest Farm, in Springbok.