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July 2023.

A community support project aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and overall learning environment at Carolusberg Primary School, in Springbok, has successfully reached completion. The project, which commenced in 2022, included crucial maintenance work and infrastructure upgrades to promote health and safety within the school premises.

“Recognizing the role that the physical school environment plays in learner education outcome – especially in fostering better instruction and reducing dropout rates, we partnered with Carolusberg Primary School to address the identified infrastructure needs at the school. This impactful initiative has helped to transform the school, providing a safe haven for both learners and teachers – with additions such as a larger modernised kitchen for meal prep,” stated Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm, which funded this project.

The first phase of the project encompassed a comprehensive refurbishment of the school building, including the painting of the premises, fascia board replacement and the installation of burglar bars for the safety and security of the school community.

The second phase focused on expanding the school kitchen and the installation of a water tank and pipes, to ensure a reliable water supply to the toilets, especially during water outages.

Two local contractors worked diligently to ensure the successful execution of each of the phases.

Principal Xavier Diergaardt at Carolusberg Primary School expressed gratitude towards Kangnas Wind Farm for their support. He remarked, “We are grateful for the support Kangnas Wind Farm has provided to the school and as a result, the quality of teaching and learning can improve. The school is also a much safer environment, and with the expanded kitchen, the children now have a safe space to enjoy their food since they previously had to eat outside even in cold weather conditions. Additionally, the school has a nice new look since it has been painted.”