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Internship Opportunity with the South Africa Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) 

The South Africa Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) in partnership with Kangnas Wind Farm, is excited to announce that Wind Industry Internship Programme (WIIP) will be running for the second time in 2023. WIIP first launched in 2022 January, where 15 interns were placed and mentored by SAWEA member organisations for a period of 12 months.

This current process will however be running for the first time through the Kangnas Wind Farm and we are excited to open it up to the Springbok community. The WIIP internship offers hands-on experience to exceptional South African students who are committed to building a career in renewable wind energy. The purpose of the WIIP is to provide young professionals who have recently completed a degree (or those undertaking graduate programmes) with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in line with their studies and interests, and to expose them to work that is related to sustainable energy. 

The students will be working alongside the Kangnas Wind Farm’s Operational Team, being exposed to various tasks and activities in and around the wind farm. The 2023 applications have been reopened to ensure maximum participation and young aspiring professionals are encouraged to apply. 

Please note: The program is sponsored and ran by SAWEA, all applications will have to go through the SEWEA website and not submitted to the Kangnas Wind Farm or the team. The Kangnas Wind Farm will only be responsible for the administering of the practical onsite experiential training and development of interns. 

Focus Areas The wind industry has a diverse skills requirement; the focus areas will be on the following broad skills areas: 

  • Engineering: Energy, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Civil etc. 
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Environmental Sciences. 
  • Administration and Management (Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Procurement, Human Resource Management) 
  • Social Sciences/Humanities (Economics, Gender, International Relations, Communication, Population Studies, Law) 
  • Information Technology (Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Multimedia Web Design, Software Engineering) 

Kangnas Wind Farm Focus Area The Kangnas Wind Farm will only focus on the below internship intake for 2023/2024: 

  • Engineering: Energy, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Civil etc. 

Please register your interest to participate in the WIIP internship by completing the application form on our website by no later than 14 February 2023. Interns can apply via