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Namakwa school gets help to drive STEM education

St. Anna Senior Secondary School is one of six schools in the Nama-Khoi area that received ongoing technology and education funding, from Kangnas Wind Farm, as part of its drive to support the uptake of school STEM, otherwise known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The most recent support will get this small school’s computer lab fully equipped.

This covers the installation of ten computers, the fabrication and installation of workstations as well as two air conditioner units for the computer lab, which is already set up with an interactive electronic whiteboard and uncapped WIFI, all supplied and funded by the wind farm.

This is an extension of the e-technology programme, funded as part of Kangnas Wind Farm’s socio economic development programme that encompasses the support of digital classroom technology and the relevant teacher support.

“Equipping and setting up St. Anna Secondary School’s computer lab, is a natural extension of over-arching STEM programme that has taken on the installation of digital classroom technology and the necessary teachers training, to ensure maximum value, plus will continue to provide Wi-Fi access at the six high schools that benefitted from this initiative,” said Cheryl Persensie, Economic Development Manager at Kangnas Wind Farm.

St Anna Secondary School teaches learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12 and is primarily funded by its Parent Body and the Catholic Church. The school host approximately 140 learners, drawn from all areas in South Africa and Namibia. The school boasts of a 100% alternating matric pass rate.