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February 2020

Kangnas Wind Farm has announced the completion of the transportation of all 610 turbine components.  The final loads arrived on site on 26th February, having traversed the country from the West Coast of Cape Town.

“This massive logistical undertaking saw over 600 loads travel to site covering 650 000km and moved an astounding 30,000 tonnes of wind turbine components,” said Christo Loots, Construction Programme Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

140MW Kangnas Wind Farm, began its transportation in May 2019, with blades, nacelles and other components travelling from the Port of Saldanha to site, just outside of Springbok.

When complete, this wind farm will have the capacity to generate 563,5 GWh/year of clean, renewable power into South Africa’s national power grid. This is equivalent to the energy needs of 120 000 homes, each year. To find out more visit:

“We expect to reach commercial operations before the end of the year, playing our part in the country’s transition towards a renewable future, which facilitates multiple opportunities for growth and development, within areas and communities that for decades have lacked infrastructure, investment and sustainable employment opportunities,” added Loots.

This renewable power plant will also help the country reduce its greenhouse carbon emissions, eliminating approximately 550,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year when compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants. In addition to zero carbon emissions and reduced use of fossil fuels, the country will benefit from almost zero water consumption that is required during the generation process.